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Brain Based Parenting (Free) - Monroeville Assembly of God

God created us with incredibly complex brains that develop to fit our culture and environment.  This allows us to develop, grow, adapt and overcome.  However, it also leaves us vulnerable to developing maladaptive ways of coping, relating to others, understanding ourselves and functioning in the world.  This is because the strategies that were adaptive in stressful, neglectful and abusive environments are now maladaptive and can keep us stuck in patterns of behavior that just simply don’t work. 

When this is the case traditional parenting techniques don’t work.  The good news, however, is that there are strategies that do work.  Therapeutic, reparative parenting techniques based on understanding how your child’s brain is functioning can be really effective.  However, as parents, we first need to get in touch with our own hurts and ineffective strategies so we can parent from a place of security.  When we do this and meet our children where they are, they can grow, become secure and thrive in life.  Your family can be set free!  Your family can Thrive!

At this workshop you will:

·         Learn how to look at and manage your own insecurities

·         Gain a basic understanding of brain development and functioning

·         Develop strategies to join your children where they are and communicate more effectively

·         Understand that you don’t have to stay stuck and be empowered to believe you can Thrive


Stephen A. Luther MSED, MEd, LPC

Executive Director and Founder of Grace Wellness Center

Expert in Therapeutic Parenting and Attachment Theory

Cost:  Free

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