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My Kids Therapeutic Parenting Intensive

Christ-Centered Therapeutic Parent Coaching

What is it?

  • A Christ-centered therapeutic parent coaching intensive based on unconditional love and therapeutic parenting techniques to create a family culture that THRIVES.
  • Focuses on CONNECTION with your kids instead of the problem behaviors
  • Uses techniques to restore broken connections, to break out of ineffective patters and restore peace to the family.

Who can it help?

  • Parents who are OVERWHELMED and feel unequipped .
  • Parents with biological, adopted or foster children who have unique difficulties for which their current parenting strategies are ineffective.

Led by:

Stephen A. Luther MSED, MEd, LPC

Executive Director and Founder of Grace Wellness Center

Expert in Therapeutic Parenting and Attachment Theory


  • Early registration: $149 per individual and $199 per couple until May 7, 2016
  • After Deadline: $199 per individual and $299 per couple 
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