Trauma Based Christian Parenting

Parent/Family Counseling & Coaching 

Hello! Welcome to Grace Wellness Center.  It is our desire to come along side you, where ever you are on your journey, and share in your burdens.  Our Trauma Based Christian Parenting (TBCP) Program is for parents, kids and families who are struggling to find peace in their lives.  We understand the chaos you find yourselves in and want to help calm the storm. 

When you come to Christ, God immediately and unconditionally accepts you as His kid!  Our TBCP program is based on this Biblical principal applied to our role as parents.  God accepts us completely as we are and walks with us on our journey of healing and finding wholeness.  Most parent coaching and family counseling programs are based more on behaviors than on heart change and development of security.  Our program is different!  We understand that a person who is secure doesn’t behave in destructive ways.  We understand that all behaviors originate in the heart.  This is why God tells us in Proverbs 4:23 “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flows the springs of life.”

My Name is Steve Luther, I am the Executive Director and founder of Grace Wellness Center and the developer of the TBCP program.  My wife and I currently have 9 kids in our home and have others who are now living on their own.  We have children from the age of 18 months to 24 years old.   Many of these kids have come through the foster care system with severe trauma and attachment issues.  We understand the chaos well and often affectionately refer to our home as the “Nut House.”  So wherever you are with your children, I can relate.  I can relate to the frustrations and the feelings of hopelessness with traditional parenting methods based on behavior modification that don’t create real change.

We understand that it is sometimes hard to ask for help.  So, thank you for taking this first step; your healing journey begins here. We have seen many families, just like yours overcome struggles they thought would be impossible to resolve. They have found that with the right tools, and support it is possible!  

"I Can do all things through Him who strengthens me"  Philippians 4:13.

We begin our work with every client by first inviting God to lead the process.  As you continue in your work with us you will see that God is intimately involved in the healing process, whether it be through the use of scripture in sessions and for homework, or relying on the Holy Spirit to guide the work we do.  In all cases, God is at the center.  This leads to truly empower counseling that doesn’t just help people survive in life, but helps them Thrive!  We are honored that you are here on our website and would consider it an honor and a privilege to come along side you on your healing journey.

In our program we utilize Biblically based therapeutic parenting and counseling techniques based on developing secure relationships and a healthy sense of self.  We help people who are fighting and against each other learn to be on the same side, work together and even DANCE with each other.  D.A.N.C.E. is one of our acronyms for our therapeutic program that takes the battles out of the family and helps members move in sync with one another. It was just too good not to share and God laid it on my heart to create this eBook

I wasn’t having so much fun with my foster kids and felt like I was always fighting with them. I liked the times when I felt in sync with them, but those times didn’t happen very often, and I didn’t know how to create those experiences. I certainly didn’t know how to make that the norm!

So, I started out on a quest to figure this all out and in the end it not only helped me have harmony with my kids but it transformed my life and my marriage. This book is the culmination of that journey!

Let's get started; just click one of the links below to begin your journey towards Thriving and creating peaceful home for you and your kids!