My Kids Therapeutic Parenting

Testimonial from a counselor seeing a child whose parents are in the My Kids Program

I recently began seeing a young man for issues with behavioral concerns, anger, and identity issues. Upon talking with the parents in the first session it was evident before even meeting their son that there was a disconnect between the parents and the son, and especially between the Dad and son. From how they described their relationship, and the issues they described that they were having with their son, I got the sense that their son wasn't feeling valued, loved, or accepted. I did meet with the son that evening, and in no so many words, he said exactly what I anticipated he might say, that he didn't feel accepted. He described that he would do things intentionally to set off his Dad, because his Dad would come home from work, and walk into the house already mad at him, so he wanted to give him a reason to be mad at him. After this first session, I suggested that the parents attend Steve's "My Kids" parenting class. Within the first two weeks, I noticed a dramatic change in the son's attitude and demeanor. The parents were overwhelmed with excitement over the knowledge they received, and the practical tools they were able to apply, and most importantly the changes they were seeing in their son! By the end of the session, both the parents and their son were reporting that home had become a much healthier, safe, and pleasant atmosphere for all of them. The son expressed that he no longer dreads when his Dad comes home from business trips, and that they are actually speaking, and spending time together. There is still some work to do on both ends, however, there was a dramatic, significant, and noticeable change on behalf of both the child, and the parents, and progress is definitely evident!