Pastor Testimonials


"It's all about changed lives!! Folks from our congregation are being helped and transformed by God through the Grace Wellness Center. We are so pleased with the reports from people we have referred to them. The counselors are not about trite answers or pop psychology. They are truly Biblical and Christ centered, not in name only but in practice. I highly recommend the Grace Wellness Center!" Herb Shaffer

Pastor - New Song Community Church; Bethel Park, PA 15102

"Grace Wellness Center is a biblical resource that we have turned to numerous times in helping people. As a Pastor I am thankful for people at Grace who can take biblical truth and help others understand and then apply it to their life for lasting solutions to life's problems. We use them as a resource and would recommend them to others." Mark Shaffer

Pastor - Calvary Baptist Church; North Huntingdon, PA

"l have referred congregants to The Grace Wellness Center over the last two years of my ministry at Level Green Presbyterian Church. I fully endorse the ministry that The Grace Wellness center has, as they not only use their clinical and professional counseling experience to serve their clients, but the counseling clients receive is Biblical based and Christ centered. I fully support their mission, and ministry, in fact my former Youth Director now serves on staff there as a counselor!"  Rev. R. Dennis Macaleer

Senior Pastor - Level Green Presbyterian Church Level Green, PA

"I want to thank the team of Grace Wellness professionals who have assisted those of us here at Suburban Community Church. Having the Center handy is like having a 3rd and 4th hand. We have been able to straddle some very complicated issues because we can step away from some issues as a Pastoral team and count on our team at Grace to handle the matter. From time to time there are issues within a family and the church family that are just plain better handled by skilled and trained professionals. It is a wonderful option to be able to refer and know that everything will be tidy and well managed. The ministry team at 'The SUB' count it a blessing to be able to use these ministers as though they are a part of our own team. Because of them Suburban has a much wider range of more effective counseling options then we would ever have doing counseling ourselves." Paul Bair

Pastor - Suburban Community Church; Irwin, PA