Barb Torango - Art Therapy

When I first brought my daughter here to see Miss Barb, I knew in my heart it was the right fit. Through her expertise and God’s guidance, I’ve noticed differences in her attitude and her spirit. She seems so much more connected and really thinks her actions through thru God’s eyes. Miss Barb has brought us closer to our spirituality by just helping us reconnect with the word in a fun playful manner that a 5 year old gets.

My granddaughter has been coming to the Art Therapy sessions. She has become more confident in herself and better able to deal with her emotions. She feels Bar is a trusted friend with whom she can discuss anything good of bad. Sometimes the smallest seed can grow into something might with the help of those God places into our lives.

God has helped ground us and focus on helping better our family. A big thanks to Ms. Barb on guiding us in a better direction.

Barb has had a very positive impact on our family. My son sees her almost weekly. There has been a great improvement in him which has helped our family. We are very grateful to have met such a dynamic, thoughtful, helpful person. We can’t say enough positive things about Barb. She really knows how to reach kids and help give them the tools to affect chang.

Both of my children (ages 5 and 8) have been in therapy with Barb for the past 8 months. Our family has experienced catastrophic (yet common) changes over the past several years. Barb supports my children as they explore their emotions. Barb is absolutely incredible!! The amount of self discovery that she facilitates is amazing. They love coming to see Barb every time and I am seeing increased self confidence and decreased anxiety at home. Praise God!

Barb helped us with positivity patience and given us strength.

When I first come to Grace, I had a lot of issues and problems. My first counselor guided me through them with patience and truth, My second counselor, Barb, helped me througha specific issue. It was one that I had held onto for years! I know I can trust her. She has helped me through a lot.

Barb has been an angel to me during a very tough time. She always is supportive and encouraging. Which is what I needed to hear to build back my self confidence. She has helped to deepen my bond with Jesus and help me see the deep love that is always present in him.

God is working in my daughter through Grace Wellness Center. We have been coming regularly for the past few months to see Miss Barb who I am so grateful for. She makes each session fun and like my daughter says, “Its therapy that doesn’t feel like therapy” I look forward to watching my daughter change and grow through this experience. Thanks Grace Wellness Center.

My son absolutely loves coming to see Barb. He was very reluctant to come at all before we started. Barb is able to connect with him and help him without him even realizing it. God has helped us all through many struggles. The power of prayer and the consistent faith has not made our lives easier but has made life easier to deal with.

Barb has been great! The kids like her and say that she’s understanding and that she makes the sessions fun by using art and games. I really appreciate her honesty, willingness to take time to listen and talk, and they way she prays every session. Thank you!

I enjoy going to Grace Wellness Center to see Miss Barb because she allow us to have fun while still staying therapeutic. The hands on activities such as playing board games, doing art projects or whatever we are doing allows me to learn more than any other form of therapy that I've tried.

Grace Wellness Center has helped strengthen our relationship with God, our relationship in our marriage and relationship with our child. Louise and Barb are just two of the wonderful, amazing counselors using their God given talents and spiritual gifts. Louise has given us strategies to improve our marriage communication and Barb has given us strategies to work with our God fearing strong willed child. I thank God that there is Christ centered counseling to help lead us in the paths that God has set forth.