Counseling for Pastors

Our counselor, Tom Jones, who is also a pastor, speaks from his heart about his journey and how he would like to walk beside you on your journey to thrive in life and ministry.

 I have been a pastor for 34 years and I know the pressure that is involved. In 2007 I had come to a very difficult place in my life and ministry. I knew I needed help and trying to “Christian up” and work it out on my own just wasn’t working. I felt guilt and shame for not being able to get on top of things on my own. I remember how much of a challenge it was to bring myself to ask for help. Believe me, I know the struggle you might have gone through to be at this point on this website at this moment. But, you are here and I understand how big of a step that is for most pastors. We as pastors are notorious for being some of the last to ask for help. You are not weak by being here today. Rather, you are showing how strong you really are! 

 My heartbeat…my passion is to work with fellow pastors. I want to get into the trenches with you and walk beside you on your journey to thrive. I think only another pastor can fully understand the pressure and stress of pastoring today. I do know and I do feel it.

 You don’t have to go through this alone. There is help for you here at Grace Wellness Center. We offer help through video conferencing to assist if you are afraid others will see you going in for counseling. I can work with you from the comfort of your own office or home.

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