At Grace Wellness Center, wherever you are, we come along side you on your journey and through Biblical Truth confidently guide you to true freedom in Christ.


At Grace Wellness Center, we believe in God's promises. We believe we were made to more than survive, we were made to thrive. We believe in abundant life. Our counselors and therapists are dedicated to helping you, by living the passion and purpose God gave them to help people thrive. We can help you heal and find the joy you were meant to live! 


God gave you talents, and He wants you to use them for your family, your community, your church, and to serve His people. He truly wants you to be your best! At Grace Wellness Center, we offer Biblically based coaching, where we come along side you and we believe that you were meant to more than just survive, you were meant to thrive!  


At Grace Wellness Center, our unique Integrated Wellness model looks at all areas of your life so we can give you the help you need.  We focus on interventions that contribute to your overall well-being. By doing so we can meet you where you are on your journey and empower you to be set free and feel good again. You can live a life that thrives!