Hello! Welcome to Grace Wellness Center.  It is our desire to come along side you, where ever you are on your journey, and share in your burdens.  We would like to help you on your journey towards healing and thriving in life.

1 Peter 4:10 Tells us that God has given us gifts and wants us to use those gifts in serving others.  He wants us to partner with Him to bring about His purpose in our lives and the lives of others.  Isn't that an amazing truth?  The God of the universe wants to use you!  At Grace Wellness Center, we want to partner with you in helping you fulfill your calling to serve God and to thrive in your life.  

Do you ever feel like you have more to give but just feel stuck?  We have helped many who feel the way you do right now.  Coaching is a partnership where you are the expert on your life and your coach is the expert on the process.  Together, with God’s guidance and wisdom, you can get unstuck and on your way to thriving and having the abundant life God offers in John 10:10. 

Let's get started; just click one of the links below to begin your journey towards Thriving!