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Hello! Welcome to Grace Wellness Center.  It is our desire to come along side you, where ever you are on your journey, and share in your burdens.  Right now you may be at rock bottom, having tried everything else and not knowing where to turn or maybe your feeling like things just aren’t how they should be and don't want it to get worse.  Wherever you are, we would like to meet your right there and help you on your way.

It is difficult to take the steps to getting the help you need and it likely took a lot of courage for you to begin this process.  We understand that well.  We have helped many people that were in situations similar to yours.

So, thank you for taking this first step; your healing journey begins here. Whether you are depressed, frustrated, feeling alone, we can help!  We also offer many specialized forms of counseling that might be right for you that we can discuss during the intake process.  We have seen many people, just like you overcome struggles they thought would be impossible to resolve. They have found that with the right tools, and support it is possible!  

"I Can do all things through Him who strengthens me"  Philippians 4:13.

We begin our work with every client by first inviting God to lead the process.  As you continue in your work with us you will see that God is intimately involved in the healing process, whether it be through the use of scripture in sessions and for homework, or relying on the Holy Spirit to guide the work we do.  In all cases, God is at the center.  This leads to truly empower counseling that doesn’t just help people survive in life, but helps them Thrive!  We are honored that you are here on our website and would consider it an honor and a privilege to come along side you on your healing journey.

Let's get started; just click one of the links below to begin your journey towards Thriving!

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