Female in Sexual Addiction Recovery

For those of you with Female or Male sex addiction look what God has done in this woman's life!! A client wrote this review and testimony for GWC. Her name has been withheld for confidentiality. 

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” –Galatians 5:1

LeeAnn Trout, from Grace Wellness Center, is a gift from the Lord! I highly recommend her to any man or woman struggling to overcome sexual sin, porn or relationship addictions. LeeAnn is a skilled sexual addiction therapist who is passionate about helping men & women experience victory over and freedom from sexual sin and sexual/relationship addictions. She takes a Christ-centered approach and meets you where you are in your journey. As an African American young adult woman who has struggled with compulsive masturbation for 20 years, it is only by God’s grace that He connected me to LeeAnn at Grace Wellness Center. I have tried many times to overcome this issue on my own, yet it always showed back up in my life. I had to come to the realization that God wanted to use sexual addiction counseling to help me in my journey towards healing. Initially, I did not want to accept it. In hindsight, I recognize that His grace has a way of bringing what we need into our lives at the exact moment we need it most.

The first time I picked up the phone to inquire about the female sexual addiction group, I was terrified. I secretly hoped no one would pick up on the other line. I had so many questions! Questions like, “Do I actually have a sexual addiction? Can I afford counseling? Will this even help me?” Or maybe like myself, you're an African American female wondering if you'll be the only woman of color in the group. You’re not alone if you are afraid, nervous and have a lot of questions. I was in that exact same place. Nevertheless, by the Grace of God, I was compelled to take a courageous first step: I picked up the phone and called LeeAnn. I encourage you to take a step of faith and reach out for help. Through this entire process, I have learned that sexual addiction is not actually about the act of sex (or masturbation), but it's about a desperate search for love and connection. Masturbation is what I learned to use to cope with painful emotions such as rejection, loneliness, fear, and worthlessness (just to name a few). Through counseling I have had the opportunity to heal my view of God, learn to make healthy connections with others, and experience a deeper healing within my soul that words alone cannot describe. Christ-centered counseling is a blessing and I strongly encourage you take the first step—Call LeeAnn at Grace Wellness Center!! Healing & Freedom is for you! 

"When we understand our baggage, we can stop being burdened by it. We can set it aside and go on with our lives unencumbered." ~ M. F.