Counseling at Grace Wellness Center

I believe that God has helped me through my life and progress with Grace Wellness center because I am able to be confident and independent and realize that I am not a toy that can be controlled.

I really appreciate having a Christian counselor to pray with me and give me insight into things. It increases my faith when my faith gets weak.

It has been a great experience so far. Bing able to speak to someone that I feel comfortable with and secure is amazing.

Grace Wellness has been a lovely and nurturing place to help us help our daughter learn to cope with her anxiety and learning disabilities. The Lord has been gracious to provide us with not one but two incredible counselors for our girl. We don’t know what we would do without the help of our counselor at Grace Wellness.

God is allowing me to be real and express my inner thoughts here at GWC.

I’ve seen a big improvement in my son’s anger issues. His time with his therapist has been a huge blessing. I can see him stop and think most times before he reacts to situations.

Still having faith and a belief system in place, gives me the backing and strength to continue making positive strides in life. Dealing with a number of negative issues like deaths and loss of friend, still makes me positive knowing God is there listening and helping me through this process.